Friday, August 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Wet Cement

Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting in a few days. Wednesday I ended up being out with my grandma all day, then I had a race committee meeting. Most of the week though, I've just been sitting around. It's awful but I just.. I feel like complete crap and I haven't been enjoying anything. Bleh. Sorry for complaining. Anyway. I haven't felt like blogging really but I felt guilty today so here are some polish pictures.

I picked this up last week at Walgreens, I had been wanting it for awhile. The pictures suck, I took them with my phone while I was sitting in the car waiting for Kathy.

Tehe. So my mom and Ray are cruising for 2 weeks and while they are gone I get to drive my mom's mini cooper. I love that car.

Well. Sorry again for my lack of posts and my negativity. I'm working on it. Next week I'm going to be pretty busy though. I've got race committee Wednesday as usual, an ice skating coaches retirement party, then race committee all weekend. Our yacht club's biggest regatta is next weekend. I'm planning on doing my nails especially for it, if I have the time. I'm also planning on making cookies to send on both the committee boats and all the mark boats. And I'm bringing cookies to the retirement party on Thursday. I'm going to be a cookie making machine next week. Ohyeah.

Have a good weekend everyone, thanks for reading!



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