Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OPI Chick Flick Cherry & China Glaze Liquid Leather

Nothing really exciting today. I did these around 10 last night and then went to bed. I've got a horrible headache today like usual, so this might be a short post. Anyways, I wanted more than just one color so I added black polka dots to Chick Flick Cherry. I love this red, my auntie Michele gave it to me. I've been lazy and still haven't done any clean up though.

So my best friend Kathy is now on a plane headed to France. I miss her already!! I just do not know what I will do with her gone for 10 days. I kind of vent to her about everything. And we are always texting Friends quotes to each other, it's a fun game. At the ice rink this morning my auntie told me I could text her while Kathy is gone. She's so sweet. She also said I should stop by the yacht club on Friday night because she is going to be there with my favorite uncle. YAY! I haven't seen him since New Years, and I've really missed him and wanted an uncda hug. I think it was Kathy who made up uncda... uncle/dad. Haha. Anyways. I'm excited.

Have a good day you guys, thanks for reading!!



Jessica said...

Very cute! Reminds me of lady bugs!

Stephanie said...

I have an Aunt Michele with one L too!

Lily nail said...

so cute!!

Tierney said...

I've got my auntie Michele and mommy-for-a-day Michele. Haha. Neither of them are actually related to me, they are part of my adopted family. Mom-for-a-day Michele took me to get my ears pierced when I was 13.

moodpuppet said...

I agree with Jessica. They do look like lady bugs. Super cute! I hope your 10 days without your best friend go by fast!

Skulda said...

cute bugs! :D

WizardsOfBling said...

Very cute!


Love it!! 10 days will fly by :)

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