Friday, March 5, 2010

China Glaze In The Lime Light

Hellooo! I don't feel like taking off what I did yesterday so instead I am posting what I was originally going to wear on my birthday!

I had wanted to wear China Glaze In The Lime Light with some glitter on top but it started chipping Wednesday night. I never got the chance to add the glitter. I was at my stepdad's graduation from his captains course thingy on Wednesday and they made all the people who took the course go around and introduce themselves and their family and when I was introduced some lady there told me she loved my nails! Which I did too, I absolutely love neons.

That was the glitter I had wanted to put over it but it chipped before I had the time. Sad!

I think I will be wearing this again for St. Patricks Day. I got an awesome pair of bright green striped socks on my birthday and I'm wearing those too. I also got some shamrock earrings. Yay!

Hope you are all having a good day! It's beautiful outside here.
"Im all, I'm all, I'm alright. It's a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight so I guess I'm doing alright."
I've kind of listened to that song a lot today, haha.



Stephanie said...

Oo, I like your ring!

I just realized you had a blog yesterday so I'm following now :) Love it so far!

Tierney said...

Thank you! I got that ring at a craft show in Seattle.

& thanks for following!

Delaynee said...

Love the polish and the matching ring!! Ahh St. Patty's day, good times - it is also one of my good friends birthday!! I hope you do wear this look again on that day!

Tierney said...

:o That is so cool that it is one of your friends birthdays.

gildedangel said...

That is a fabulous birthday mani!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I love green!!! And that ring is awesome!


Linnie said...

Uh weird, I posted a comment but something went wrong I guess..?? :S

I really like the color, I love neons!
Looks pretty with the matching ring.

Sandie KlawzZ said...

Pretty ^.^

oh on the St. Paddy's Day birthday Mathias (Silje) and Vicky's birthdays are both on that day =]

Tierney said...

Thank you all!

Ooh, thats cool Sandie, I had no idea.

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