Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sephora by OPI Dear Diary... & Sinful Colors UFO

I've got a horrible headache so I should probably try to keep this post short. Today I have on Sephora By OPI Dear Diary... with Sinful Colors UFO layered on top. I really love how this looks. It's great since it is so sunny and pretty outside today, even though I haven't actually been outside.

I didn't try very hard to take pictures and my hands look awful but oh well. I hurt too much to do anything about it right now.

Bam. There you go. What do ya think?

Oh, I got my last small birthday present from my mom today.

Isn't it pretty? I found it on Etsy :D I love anything that reminds me of the ocean so of course I loved this - yay seashells!

UGH. My headache hit like 10 minutes ago and it is getting back fast. I've had headaches pretty much daily since I was 7 years old. Doctors then never did anything about it. Finally over the summer we went to a new place and the doctor there was trying to figure out why I have them. She ended up sending me to a neurologist, who put me on amitriptyline. I'm supposed to take it every night before bed. She said it would help me be able to sleep and it would get rid of my headaches. For awhile it worked but it hasn't been working lately. I've had bad headaches every day this week. And they told me not to take anything else for them. I don't know how I dealt with having them every day for so long. Except, well, I had to. But damn. They are exhausting.

I should really go now. But oh, Sandie! If you read this [: you usually do haha. You totally made my day, I am so glad you listened to Great Big Sea and like them!! Most people I know won't really give them a chance.

EDIT: So I really shouldn't be on the computer but I don't care. I've been listening to Great Big Sea for a few hours and I felt like listing a few more of my favorite songs.

I already mentioned Here And Now, Sea Of No Cares, Stumbling In, and Company Of Fools in my 10 things tag. I also love Seagulls, Graceful & Charming, A Boat Like Gideon Brown, Let It Go, Consequence Free, The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man), and Concerning Charlie Horse.

I just love this band so much. They make me smile. I want to meet Alan Doyle and Sean McCann someday.



gildedangel said...

That combination is fantastic!

Tierney said...

Thanks!! It took me forever to decide what to layer UFO over.

Kathy said...

I love the nails. & the shell thingy && GBS! you are right they are awesome.

Linnie said...

Pretty Tier!!

Get wel soon, I know how you feel about headaches..migraine *yugh*
Dim all the lights, get rit of noises in your room and a really cold wet towel/washcloth on your head might help a little bit..anyway it sucks big time! *hug*

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