Saturday, February 13, 2010

When The Sun Goes Down

We'll be groovin
When the sun goes down
We'll be feelin alright
When the sun sinks down
Over the water
Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down

I love Kenny Chesney.. and I really miss the summer. It's gray and rainy like usual here in Washington so to brighten my day I did palm tree sunset nails! It was in this nail art book my auntie got me for Christmas and I love it. I used China Glaze Free Love, Sephora By OPI Cab Fare, and China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Sorry again for not cleaning them up yet and for kind of blurry pictures.

I loveee this! What do ya think??
Apparently my friends dad thought I used stickers, haha!



Sorry, this has nothing to do with nails but I need to vent again. I kind of had another melt down, I ended up calling my dad and we were talking about me maybe moving to his house in Tacoma. I'm going to be done with high school really soon, and I am going to need to figure out what I want to do. And I really need a job.. but I've been so miserable here, it's exhausting. I had already been thinking about moving there, at least for a little bit, but I hadn't said anything to him until he brought it up tonight. It would be hard to leave my friends and my yacht club family.. but I could visit. My mom will probably be pissed if I talk to her about it. Scary.

Who knows what will happen. Right now it's just an idea.. but I have been wanting out of this house for awhile now. Everybody just pretends to get along.. There is almost always some kind of fight. One thing is for sure though, I'm not going anywhere without my Marmar.

Sorry for this non-nail post again.


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