Friday, February 12, 2010


Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am right now. I'd be jumping around like crazy if I wasn't so tired. Just today I have gotten 3 new followers!! YAY. I haven't even had this for a month yet. I was excited when I saw I had 5 earlier today, and now I have 7! That makes me so happy.

Also, I finished my last homework assignment today. I only have to take the final for my ridiculous Computer Literacy course and then I am done with high school! I am probably going to take the final on Monday. I don't have to do it until Thursday, but I would love to get it out of the way.

And something else that is exciting to me is that in 13 days I am turning 18. I absolutely LOVE my birthday. I know some people who don't like getting any attention on their birthdays, but not me. I love having MY day. We are going to have a party with a couple of my friends, and then a bunch of my yacht club family. Oh, I just can't wait!

New nail post tomorrow!!



Thess said...

Show us the goodies! ;)

Kathy said...

YAY!!!!! GO twin buddy!!!

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