Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blingy V-day Mani

Heyy! So I really didn't want to take off my supergirl nails ]: but tomorrow morning I am going ice skating, and they decided we all have to dress up for a little V- Day celebration. They = a few regular morning skaters that my grandma is friends with. I go ice skating with my grandma every Wednesday morning, and so I know all her skating buddies now. My Auntie Michele has also been coming lately, and she asked me to go with her skating tomorrow morning. After skating they are all going to go to breakfast, but I probably won't have time to go to that because I will have to get the car back to my sister. Anyway, I figured supergirl nails wouldn't really go well, I decided to try a V-day mani.

I don't really care for Valentines Day. I don't know why, I just never have. I don't really like most pinks either, which doesn't help. But I do love the pink I used in this mani. I used Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, Art Deco Silver Glitter, and China Glaze Caribbean Temptation. I had a really hard time getting pictures, almost all of them were blurry. It's dark in my house, and it is cloudy and rainy outside. Sad. I don't like darkness. Anyways, here are the pictures!

Really blurry! But ooh, a sand dollar! I miss summer, haha.

Other news: I only have 2 assignments and a final and then I am done with my last high school class!!


I got a little bored, so here is a picture of my sweet doggie and I!

I look a bit weird, but awhh, look at Marley! She always wants to have one of her toys in her mouth.



Kathy said...

i love your nails. and in the picture u do not look weird. u have the cutest dog lol

Tierney said...

Thank you Kathy!! I know, she's precious.

susies1955 said...

Is your dog a pure lab? I had two lab mixes. One was lab/shepherd (13 years) and one lab/husky (17years) and both black. I loved them so.
Am loving your blog,

Tierney said...

Yeah, she's a pure lab. She's almost 2! We also have a yellow/lab husky, we aren't sure how old she is. She was kind of a neighborhood dog that picked us.

Thank you

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