Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Supergirl

And I'm here to save the world
And I wanna know who's gonna save me

Ah, that song has been in my head since last night, when I saw superman nails on The Daily Nail. So, I decided to try it out on my own nails! They don't look as good as hers, but I really like them. I only did my ring fingers, the rest are just blue. I used Jane Nail Polish Rhythm & Blue, Sephora By OPI Curve-aceous, and Sephora By OPI Cab Fare.

I had a really hard time getting pictures, most of them were really blurry :/
Also, I still haven't cleaned them up yet. I was too impatient to post this!

Well.. what do you think?



Kathy said...

If there was a like button i would push it. lol i can hardly paint my right hand and u paint the supergirl thing on it? Tallent.

Delaynee said...

This is really cute! Nice work.

I also got your challenge requests, I am really really REALLY excited to try doing cupcakes!! Thank you!

Tierney said...

Thank you guys!! I really like this, I've been showing everybody, hahaha.

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