Monday, February 15, 2010

China Glaze Let's Groove & Konad

So.. I still have my palm tree nails right now. I was going to redo them today but I am exhausted. My sisters have no respect for the rest of us in the house and were up at 1:30 fighting this morning. They woke my grandma and I up. I got home about half an hour ago from ice skating and I haven't really moved since. My stomach really hurts too, it's no fun. But oh well, I'll be fine.

I've got pictures from a month or two ago. China Glaze Let's Groove and light purple konad special polish. I can't remember which image plate I used though. The picture isn't good and my nails look really messy. Sorry!

I really liked this. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I actually used to have purple hair, haha. 8th-10th grade I think is when I had purple hair.



susies1955 said...

Hey, I'm your 15th follower. :)
I love your Konading and purple too.
Hope the drama ends at your house. We don't allow it in our home. :) Hope your stomach feels better,
Susie in northern NY

Tierney said...

Thank you!!

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