Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've spent way too much time on the computer today, but I decided I wanted to show off my dog. She's a black lab, she will be 2 in March. She's really the sweetest dog ever, all she wants is to make everybody happy. Well, that and she wants to be a lap dog. Her name is Marley. I actually had forgotten all about Marley & Me, I got her before I saw that movie. I had read the book, but I forgot about it. I don't know why I picked that name. My family likes to call her MarMar. I also call her Schnufflebutt. She likes to schnuffle people, at least that's what we call it, when she starts sniffing people and she's ridiculously loud. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of my baby.

When I'm on the computer, she likes to steal my pillows. She looks at me like "What? You aren't using them." It makes me laugh.

Awhh. I just love her so much. Look at that face!



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