Monday, July 18, 2011

BB Couture Pocahontas

I got this awesome polish in a blog sale. It arrived Friday morning and I put it on immediately. And I absolutely love it. Love love love. It's so weird, I always thought colors similar this were boring and just not me. But this one is different I guess! I've had it on for 4 days now and haven't gotten tired of it which is shocking.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures until an hour ago and I got a few small chips at work this morning.

Yeah.. I was sorta petting my kitten.

This is my 5th BB Couture polish and it's fabulous. Easy to apply. I used 2 coats I believe. Like I said, I love love LOVE this.

Here's a picture of my cat Goober. He was all interested in the lens cap that was sitting on the deck.

Have any of you guys ever disliked a certain color of nail polish and then had one you really liked? There is nothing even close to this in my collection, which is mostly bright colors.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Enjoy your Monday!



yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

It looks great on you! I always thought that I couldn't wear red.....but I was wrong! I love it!


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