Monday, February 21, 2011

Nubar Pasadena Purple

Goooooood morning! I'm very cheery today. I got to see my favorite aunts and uncles 3 days in a row which was great. I will get to see them again in a few days for my birthday dinner. Oh man, I'm impatient. I love my birthday. I have a friend who doesn't like anybody knowing when it's her birthday.. I think she's insane. I like having MY day. Haha.

On Friday I got Nubar Pasadena Purple in the mail. I immediately took off Zoya Buffy to try it. This purple is amazing!!! I got so many compliments on it over the weekend. My aunties loved it and so did many of my classmates. I think we are supposed to do pedicures tonight at class so I will bring it with me.

Ohh it's so pretty!! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I think just might be my favorite purple polish from my collection.

Happy Monday everybody, thanks for reading!



Lily nail said...

nice purple !!

sonidlo said...

It´s a few days ago I had it on my nails... And you´re right, the color is wonderful!

Lesley said...

my god nubar do good polish! that purple looks fab on you!

Marie said...

Pretty shade and I live in Pasadena!:D

***** Marie *****

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