Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New shoes!

Hello everyone!

I was actually able to paint my nails tonight but my camera is dead.. I found the charger and so it's charging now. I will try and post pictures tomorrow sometime!

I really want to show you all a picture of the shoes I just ordered! I argued with myself before I got them, because I feel like I shouldn't be buying anything I don't need right now because I no longer have my job at Macy's but they are SO cute! Also, my stepdad has a lot of work for me to do for his companies right now so I don't really have to worry about my car payments.

Anyway, these are the shoes!

I can't wait to get them. Also, they're going to be perfect for Opening Day at the yacht club! YAY!

What do you think?



JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

These are so adorable!

rins said...

I love shoes! And that pair is lovely! The rose accent is classy!

Marie said...

Oh my gosh, so fun and cute!:D

***** Marie *****

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