Monday, December 27, 2010

An Apology

Hello everyone. I am an AWFUL blogger. I haven't posted here in about a month. I'm sorry, things have been craaaazy here though. I'm hoping to start posting again soon but who knows. I am finally able to start painting my nails again though. I think. I'm going to do some awesome New Years nails that I'll try to remember to post.

I got a car on Christmas. It wasn't a present, my dad had been looking for one for me for awhile and he just happened to find it a week ago and I was down visiting for Christmas so that's when I got it. He is paying for half of it, my daddy is great. It's a '98 Subaru Outback. I like naming cars and I decided to name mine Ursula. So yeah. That's whats new with me. That and I'm hoping to keep my job at Macy's. I know I have at least 3 more weeks. It's stressing me out but I was told they are considering keeping me so yeah. Hopefully!

I hope you all had a happy holiday! Sorry again that I haven't been around. I am still reading all your blogs and commenting when I have the time!



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