Thursday, November 18, 2010

Studio M Jade

Hello again! I told you I would have a polish post up! I really didn't want to paint my nails again, they're just going to get beat up tomorrow at work and I have to take my polish off before class Sunday but I felt guilty about my lack of posts since I started my course. My camera is dead though and I couldn't find the charger so my pictures SUCK. I took a couple with photobooth on my laptop.

I've worn this once before, back in April to the yacht club grand opening after the remodel. I was supposed to dress up all fancy and I wasn't happy about that for some reason so I wore this polish I guess to kind of be a rebel. Silly me. However, I didn't take pictures then so you all didn't get to see it! I won this polish in a giveaway from Body And Soul back in March I believe.

Anyway, here are the pictures.

These aren't really color accurate.. Sorry! The last picture is closest I think.

So tomorrow is going to be a busy day! I am going ice skating with my grandma for the first time in over a month, then out to breakfast I believe. I have a four hour shift at Macy's then I'm going to go do my homework at the yacht club until Kathy gets off of work at 8. Then around 10 we are going to see Harry Potter! Yayyy! It should be a fun day. Well, my homework is not going to take more than half an hour so I'm going to be just sitting around at the yacht club but oh well. It makes no sense to drive all the way back home just to turn around and come back. Besides, free soda! Haha.

Hope you all have a good weekend! Who else is planning on seeing Harry Potter?



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