Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello everyone. I'm terrible for FINALLY getting around to this post.

First of all, the winner of my CSN Giveaway was shala_darkstone. Congrats!!

Next, I ended up wearing OPI DS Diamond to the ball at the yacht club on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures because my nails are in really bad shape right now but you can see my previous post about DS Diamond HERE.

As soon as pictures from the ball are posted on the website I will share some of them with you guys. It was a really great night, which I had needed. I've been pretty miserable for quite awhile now and getting to see all my favorite people and getting lots of hugs and compliments made me feel a lot better. People kept trying to get me to dance but I wouldn't. I'm lame that way. Actually, I kind of wanted to but at the same time I got really panicky. I have no idea why. It was still fun though.

I'll be repainting my nails at some point this week so I'll get another polish post up for you all. It will most likely be on Thursday because that is my day off. I only work 4 hours Friday but I'm planning on going to the yacht club after to do homework and just escape my house for a bit. And I'm going ice skating before work Friday morning. I haven't been able to go skating in a month so I'm really excited for that.

So this post was very long and a bit random and I'm sorry about that. I wish I was able to do a few polish posts a week like I used to but I don't think I will be able to until I finish my course. I need to start remembering to take pictures of what we do at school though! I definitely will on the 28th, we are spending all day doing nail art. Can't wait!!

Thanks for reading you guys!



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