Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hello everyone! Still no polish posts, sorry about that. I've still got on gel nails from a few weeks ago. I have class tomorrow and I think they will be removed but I'm not entirely sure. I hope they are because I have been going insane not being able to paint them.

Anyways, yesterday was pretty awesome. I got my first Macy's paycheck which was pretty exciting. Also, I saw some of my favorite people at the yacht club last night. My favorite auntie and uncle were there, and some friends of theirs who are really nice. I got SO many hugs. I just love hugs. Haha.

I wanted to share what I ordered from Etsy yesterday. I'm sure regular readers all know about my love of fairy tales and Disney and stuff. Well, I saw this print on Etsy and I HAD to have it.

Peter Pan is my favorite story.. I might have mentioned that on here before, I'm not sure. I just love this and can't wait for it to be delivered. I got it from Alysia Cotter Photography. You all should check out her shop.

After my people left the yacht club I went to pick up Kathy from work and we ended up wandering the mall and buying new shoes. Oops. Kathy bought some super cute red boots. I just might have to borrow them from her sometime. These are the new shoes I bought yesterday!

Well. I'm kind of out of things to say now.. I've got class tomorrow and Monday night. I'll let you all know what we learn on Tuesday if I'm around! Thanks for reading [:



ChaosButterfly said...

I love that print!! I don't really like Peter Pan...I was a morbid child, and the thought of a man-boy creeping into my window at night and taking me away scared me to death. But now, I really wish that Peter Pan would come and get me, because I sure as hell do not want to grow up. smh.

Cute shoes too!
I hope you get to take off your nails at your next class.

Zara said...

Those booties are adorable!

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