Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Hometown

Okay, so yesterday I saw tons of people posting this video on facebook and I wasn't able to watch it until now. It's awesome.

"Nathan Cox and Rashawn Scott deliver this Bellingham, WA-themed version of the Jay-Z track, "Empire State of Mind". The lyrics and the video are a collection of the some of the finest things our eclectic and modest city has to offer. Required viewing for 'Hamsters of all ages. Lyrics and concept by Nathan Cox. Video directed by Chris Patton. Song recorded and mixed by Taylor Holtzheimer with backing vocals by Crystal Ravenwood."

I just felt the need to post this. I lived in Bellingham for 5 years, it's where I consider home. Even though I was born in Tacoma and lived there for a few years, I still think of B'ham as my home. I don't live there anymore, but it's close. At some point I will move back there. I was actually just talking to my mommy-for-a-day last night at the yacht club about that, she was asking if I was going to leave after I finish school. Sometimes I think I want to move somewhere else, but I love Bellingham so much. I just don't know. Anyways. I just wanted to post this because B'ham is AMAZING and I think it is really cool they made this video. Apparently the song is going to be on itunes in a few weeks. Oh yeah.



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