Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 01 - Your favourite song

Good morning!! I've still got bare nails :/ I'm going to do them at some point today but I won't be able to do pictures and stuff until tomorrow. Today I will actually be busy again! Yay. I promised to bring chocolate chip cookies to race committee tonight. So I need to run to the store and buy a few things so I can make the cookies. Then my cousin Morgan has a jazz band performance that I'm going to. Then I've got to go into town to go to my aunt's house to check on the kitties and water all the plants. Then race committee! Busy busy. And I think instead of driving all the way home after committee I'll just stay at my auntie's place tonight. So. Polish tomorrow, I promise!

Anyway, on to my fave song. This is really tough, my favorite song always changes. I go through phases and I'll listen to a few songs over and over again, but then I get tired of them and find something else. There are a few songs I never ever get tired of though. At the moment I'm listening to Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty. Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know I'm a big Petty fan. You also know that my dad took me to a Tom Petty concert back in June for my 18th birthday. I never get tired of any of his songs. Speaking of Tom Petty, while I was at the zoo last week waiting for the Great Big Sea concert to start, I Won't Back Down came on over the speakers.. but it wasn't Petty singing. I have no idea who it was, but it sounded just WRONG. Like John Mayer's version of Free Fallin'. EW.

Wow, I'm babbling a lot today. It's taking me awhile to think of my favorite song. I'm pretty sure it would have to be Ordinary Day by Great Big Sea. I talk about Great Big Sea A LOT, I know I've said a few times that they are my favorite band. Ordinary Day is off of their album Play. I got so excited when they sang it at the concert last week. We were really close to the stage, over in the dancing area. I don't really dance but I actually did a little bit at that concert. But when they played Ordinary Day I just kind of stood there and listened and watched. I love that song so much, especially when I'm having a craptastic day. It just makes me feel better.

Just watching that video brightened my day.

One more thing about Great Big Sea. I don't know many people who listen to them. Most people I know hear one little bit of it and say oh that music is weird I don't like it. I don't know many people who really give them a chance. But I know a couple people who actually DID give them a chance and now love them too. One of those people would be my incredibly awesome best friend Kathy. I'm pretty sure she thought they were weird at first, but it was her who was at the concert with me, almost crying because of it being such an amazing day. I have a couple other friends who gave them a chance too, Sandie and Brittany, who both like them now. Just so you all know [: Their music can grow on you. Even Kathy's little brother is starting to like it a little bit!

Well. I'll stop obsessing over GBS now. I need to get up and start getting ready for the day. It's going to be a long one, I can tell. I've had this headache for almost a week now and it makes it hard for me to want to do anything. But at least it's nice out today! If it was gray and cloudy I would really have a hard time getting motivated.

Thanks for reading if you made it through all my rambling! :P



Stephanie said...

Eh, I listen to weird music too. My two favorite bands (besides TP & the Heartbreakers, of course) are Gogol Bordello (Ukrainian gypsy punk) and DeVotchKa (indie with eastern European and Mexican influences). I always try to get people into them. I got a couple of my work friends into Gogol Bordello recently, so that's fun.

But my favorite song is, and always will be, Mary Jane's Last Dance ;) Whenever it comes on in my car I yell FAVORITE SONG and crank it up.

Tierney said...

Well, I will have to give those bands a listen! I am always looking for some new music.

Haha, nice! My dad says I would dance around in front of the tv whenever the Mary Jane's Last Dance video came on when I was a little girl. I'm not sure what my favorite Petty song is. I really like a couple from his new cd.

Kathy said...

I love GBS! I can't thank you enough for introducing me to their songs :) I'm a Great Big Fan for life

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