Monday, August 16, 2010

3rd Water Marble

Hello again! Sorry I'm posting this later than I said, I forgot that I had an eye appointment this morning.

So, here are pictures of my cotton candy water marble! I used Zoya Robyn, Color Club Modern Pink, and Sonia Kushak Purple Rain.

I took these pictures when I was on the boat. I didn't have time before we left and I was worried they would chip before I got home. We took the boat out Saturday and spent the night at one of my favorite places, Inati Bay. Here is a picture of what I woke up to Sunday morning.

Thanks for reading!



Skulda said...

What a pretty view. Your water marble turned out great!

Claire said...

These nails look great, you did a really good job. They are lovely and bright.

The last picture is such a lovely view!

Freshie said...

I like I like!

Delaynee said...

Gorgeous nail and gorgeous view! I want to do a water marble now..

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