Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Towel Boy Toy

So after three days I finally took off Who The Shrek Are You? I didn't really want to, I loveee that polish. I will probably be wearing it again soon. Anyways, I decided to try CG Towel Boy Toy. I've had it for awhile but hadn't tried it yet. I decided to after I saw Sarah post about it the other day. I really like this polish because it's so bright and cheery and BLUE! I love blues. So, in these pictures I haven't done much cleanup yet.. My hands look kind of awful.

Isn't my cell phone case awesome?

I felt like adding something to it, so here it is with some konad.

So yesterday I went with Kathy, my sisters, Brittany, and Britt's friend Kayley to go see Letters To Juliet. I loved that movie. Britt and Kayley thought it was a silly girly movie I guess. Those are my favorite kinds of movies, haha. It's probably one I will buy when it comes out on DVD. Psh, what am I talking about, it is definitely one I will buy on DVD.

I will try to post again this week but I'm going to be kind of busy. I've got a busy day Friday, I've got an appointment and then I have to go to this guy John's house, his daughter wants me to come over and do her nails. Then of course Saturday is TOM PETTY so I will be gone and I won't be home until Sunday sometime. I'll try to get a post in Friday morning before I go into town.

Have a good day everyone!



Caitlin said...

I love this color, I considered getting it but I pretty much gave up on my Sally's since the girls who work at mine are biotches :/ haha. Everytime I call and ask if they got a new collection in they're so rude, and when they do finally get it in the girls that work there buy most of the collections so there's like 3 colors left to pick from and only one of each, grr.

But the konad looks great with this and your cellphone case is awesome ! :)

Jessica said...

Looks beautiful with and w/o the Konad. Have a blast at Tom Petty...why am I not going to this?!?! I'm so jealous of you. Be safe.

Sarah said...

Looks awesome on you!! I'm glad you ended up liking it! :) The konad is really cute too!

Lily nail said...

love this blue !!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! how'd you like the application? it was iffy to me.

Rebecca said...

did you get someone for Tom Petty?

I love this colour, and it looks hot on your nails!

Tierney said...

Thanks everyone!

@Reem - I didn't have much of a problem applying this. Oh I forgot to mention when I posted that I used to coats of white first because I hate VNL.

@Rebecca - Uhm, as far as I know we haven't found somebody to come. Right now it is me, my friend Jordan, and my dad. Since I couldn't think of anybody else here I told my dad to ask one of his friends. Especially since he was so nice and bought the tickets for me.

Stephanie said...

Tier, I am so JEALOUS of your Tom Petty. Take pictures! Tell me what songs he does! Ack, I wish I was going with you :(

Tierney said...

Steff, I will definitely take pictures and I will save the songs he does on a note on my iphone so I can tell you.
I wish you could come too!!

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