Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sailing Pictures & A Question

Good morning!!

So last night at race committee I was on the signals boat doing flags and finishes while Kathy was on the mark boat helping set the course. I wanted to get pictures of the mark boat to show you guys because I love that boat. Last week when I was on it I got to drive most of the night. It was SO MUCH FUN.

Kathy driving the mark boat!

I also took another picture of my nails because it was sunny for awhile!

I've just got a few more pictures of the boats racing.

These are Etchells crossing the finish line.

Mkay, picture time is over now.

I've got a question for you guys though. I have no idea how I should do my nails for the concert this weekend. Any ideas? Let me know!

Edit: I figured I should add this after Susie commented. I have absolutely no idea what I'm wearing either. I'm horrible at deciding what to wear. I may ask my sisters later what they think.



susies1955 said...

Nice photos and pretty nails.
Depends what you are wearing,

Rebecca said...

If you have any silver holos wear that! It goes with any outfit and it's spangly! I love your boat photos, my bf has a boat and sometimes I drive it, but very slooowly! :p

Tierney said...

Thanks Susie.

Rebecca, I don't have any silver holos unfortunately or I definitely would wear one! I have DC Chainmail Charm though, I might wear that.
Driving boats is so much fun. Especially the mark boat since it's FAST! :D I've also driven our sailboat but that isn't as exciting.

Kathy said...

Driving that boat fastly is supper fun! but turning left is a pain in the ass. I'm stealing a picture for my FB profile pic now lol. I checked the speed once and i was driving 35mph with the wind in my face. it was great fun. HAVE FUN AT TOM PETTY!!! i'll probably text you after i walk at graduation.

Caitlin said...

Where you live looks SO BEAUITFUL! I love all of the pictures :)

Tierney said...

@Kathy - I know, driving the mark boat is awesome but tricky. I will have A BLAST at Tom Petty and I will be texting you on the way there maybe haha. After I get to Tacoma and am no longer driving.

@Caitlin - Bellingham is amazing! I don't actually live there, like I said the other day I'm out in the county in Ferndale. But Bellingham is where I used to live and where I consider home. I love it.

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