Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neon Skittles?

Hey everyone. I tried writing this last night but blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture I needed. Grr. It took me three tries this morning to get it up. How annoying. Anyways, it's a cell phone picture, sorry for that. I forgot to take pictures before I left my house and then my nails started chipping so I took a picture real quick.

I guess this is sort of a neon skittles mani but not really because it is only 3 different colors. So I don't know what to call it. I used China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ada, Pool Party, and Purple Panic. It was awesome, but it chipped when I was out on race committee. LAME.

So last night was awful and draining. There was a huge fight at home. Kathy was lucky enough to witness that. It was quite embarrassing actually. But today I get to get out of the house!! YAY! Kathy, Brittany, and I are going to Lynnwood. It should be fun. I'm on a mission to get some summer clothes because in 18 days I'm going to DISNEYLAND.

Happy Friday everybody! Thanks for reading!



Linnie said...

Nice Tier, neons rock :D

Disneyland, how awesome!! I've never been to a disneyland/disneyworld :'(

Caitlin said...

Woo that's so exciting that you're going to disneyland! :) This mani is so cute and fun, I lurvveeee it. Bummer that it chipped though :( I just did the dishes and now my nails are chipping *sigh*

Marie said...

Have fun at Disney!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

tasha~ said...

Cute! I'm sure you blinded some people with those nails ;)

Rebecca said...

Urgh, family arguments are the worst :( Hope everything's ok now. Love this mani. Neons are so cheerful!

Lily nail said...


Ria said...

Whoa!!!Looove the nails!
And hope everything's good :D

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