Sunday, June 6, 2010

Awesomely Ugly

So a few weeks ago I bought OPI Who the Shrek Are You? I'd been wanting it for awhile and I can tell it is a polish I will wear a lot. I absolutely love it!!! My mom loves it too. My stepdad, on the other hand, said "That looks like baby vomit, you should've left that orange polish on."

On to the picture! I didn't clean up much and I had some bubbling issues :/ but oh well! I still love it.

I meant to post this earlier today, but I've spent the last 6 hours helping my mom and stepdad clean and organize their office. It was a disaster and they are paying me to help. I've also been helping with some accounting. It is very boring. Now I get a break though because Ray was having issues was something and was swearing it his computer. He said I could leave until he got that figured out.

I've kind of been stressing out because my sister bailed on the Tom Petty concert. It's in 6 days and I have no clue who else to ask to come. I just feel bad because my daddy bought the tickets for me and two friends and people keep bailing on me. He told me to chill out though. I tend to worry about pretty much everything, I always have. Anybody wanna come? Hah. I know lots of people who would come with me if they lived here but no. I've hardly got any friends here in Washington.

I think today I want to end with a picture of Marley and my mom's dog Jack.

Jack is a jack russell/chihuahua mix and he is a little brat. Then there is my sweet Marleymar, with her paws crossed all ladylike.



Linnie said...

I love the shrek color!!
Good luck with organizing & I hope you'll find someone to go to the Tom Perry concert.

Caitlin said...

I loveee Who the Shrek are you! I wore it as a mani over memorial day weekend and I got tons of compliemtns on it actually, and ended up really loving it! There's something oddly flattering about it.

and for the record, I would go to the tom petty concert with you! xo

Rebecca said...

I hope you get someone for the concert! I love this colour on you :D

Delaynee said...
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Delaynee said...

Who The Shrek Are You? is amazing! I am glad you like it as well!!

I wish I was closer as well, we could totally go enjoy Tom Petty - but I am sure you will find someone to go!!

Sorry, had to delete the other comment.. Apparently I have forgotten English!

Kathy said...

This color is so odd I like it! &&& if i wasn't graduating this weekend i would totally go to tom petty with you....i only know like 2 songs but i would've learned more.

jellynat said...

It's not ugly. It's AWESOME. It's the green of young leaves! <3 One of my favorite color of polishes ever.

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