Friday, May 28, 2010

Maxwell Smart

Hello everyone. For awhile now I've wanted to do a post about our old dog Max. It's thanks to him that I'm not afraid of dogs anymore.

I've seen a lot of you other nail bloggers post about your cats, and I used to be a cat person. After I met Max that changed. I love my kitty Goober tons, but I am definitely a dog person now. Big dogs especially.

I was in 6th grade when my mom met Ray. Our stepdad Doug had moved out not long before because our parents had found out about how he was abusive. Anyways, I loved it when it was just us and our mom. Then she met Ray, and he moved in with us just a couple weeks later because it was the middle of winter and he had been living on a boat. He was going through a breakup too and let his ex and her kids stay in the house until they got out of school. When Ray moved in he brought his 120 pound yellow lab, Maxwell Smart. I was terrified of dogs because our neighbors dogs were really mean and chased us. The first time I saw Max was in the middle of the night. I woke up and saw this giant beast standing in my doorway. Then a couple hours later I woke up and he was sleeping on my bed next to me. It freaked me out.

I wasn't afraid for very long though. Max was just the sweetest dog and I decided later that he was mine and not Ray's. He started sleeping in my room most of the time. I let him sleep up on my bed even though Ray said he wasn't allowed on furniture. He followed me everywhere and I just loved it. We took him on the boat with us a lot and he would come lay on my lap which kept me warm. I remember getting really mad at somebody who said Max was dumb as a a rock. Oh and one time, my sister was screaming at me and shoved me and Max jumped up and it scared her. He got really upset when people fought. Sometimes he would start barking, other times he would hide in my room. But Max made me feel safe.

Anyway, in 10th grade I really wanted to get another dog. I wanted to go to the shelter but when Ray finally agreed he said I had to get a lab from a breeder. That is how I ended up with my Marley. I got her in May of 2008 I believe. She was Max's little shadow, and he was great with her. I wish I had pictures of the two of them. We might somewhere but I'm not sure.

Max died a few weeks after we got Marley. He went in his sleep, laying in the middle of the hallway like usual. He was 10 years old. I miss him like crazy. I love when mom-for-a-day Michele talks about him. She and Ray have known each other for a very long time and I think she knew Max when he was a puppy. She tells lots of stories about Max and I like hearing her tell them.

This is the only picture of Max I could find on my laptop.

I've just been thinking about him a lot lately and wanted to share. I will be posting more pictures of him from my other computer when I get a chance.



The Green Fairy said...

Awwwww... Babe! There's nothing like a dog.

And no matter how many you have or had, they all will have a special place in your heart.

I'm 27 now and I have never been without a dog, ever. ^^

Just love them while you have them. They love you too. :)

Rebecca said...

Dogs are the best! I love my dog Freddy, and I really miss Dandy who we had before him. Dogs are true friends.

Jessica said...

Your Maxwell is very handsome and I'm sure he was very smart and not dumb at all. He'll always be your baby and have a special place in your heart.

My Maxwell was the best dog ever, and I miss him constantly! My Maxwell was a German Shepard and I'm like you and love big dogs, the bigger the better! I've always grown up around big dogs so thats my preference and since I live in a small apartment thats one reason I don't have a dog now so its just me and Orton.

My parents have a few other dogs now since Maxwell passed. Their dog Nash acts so much like Maxwell, his personality is so much like Maxwell and he even has very similar coloring its amazing! And they've got Jazzy who is a Great Pyreneese clutzy as hell, Lita a tiny insane muti personality beagle, and Evee the sweetest happiest most conent laid back little white haired thing ever! I love going home and seeing all the critters on their property (15 acers):)

Sandie KlawzZ said...

I love big dogs too =) haha. Even though I do want a Yorkie, but that's the only small dog I like, I'll probably end up with a blood hound before I get a yorkie anyway lol.

I love Max's name I used to watch Get Smart reruns all the time. Definitely a beautiful dog, he reminds me of my old Dog Ginger a little bit, I miss her.

Kathy said...

Awww! I didn't know you considered him your dog! Big dogs are amazing. I think he clung to you because he could tell how nice you are. He was a beautiful big lab.

ren said...

omggg dogs melt my heart and max is ADORABLE!!! I'm sorry about him passing but at least you still have marley right? i'd love to see more pictures :D

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