Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pacific Blue Hottie

Hey guys. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I try to post every two days, but yesterday I was gone pretty much all day. I was home for about 20 minutes but I was busy getting ready for race committee.

Here is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. I lovelovelove this color. It's such a pretty blue.

Then after a day I felt like changing it a bit so I layered Sinful Colors Hottie over it.

So last night on race committee, instead of going on the signals boat and doing flags like I have for 5 years, I went out on the mark boat with Kathy and Park. Park is the guy who has been doing mark boat this year. He's really funny. Mark boat was way more fun than the signals boat AND Kathy and I both got to drive it. It started raining near the end of the race though and the wind died and we were sitting there waiting for the last 2 boats to get around their last mark so we could pull it. It was gross. But it was fun and we told Park we will help whenever he needs it.

Also, I don't know if I will be able to post this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going with my sister Abby to Tacoma to visit my dad. I'm not sure how long we are staying, so we are bringing Marley too. I'll have my laptop with me and if I plan ahead I can probably get a post done, but I'm not sure what all we are going to do. We want to visit our grandparents while we are there and I will be talking to my dad about possibly moving there. I'll try to get something posted though.

Have a good day everyone!


EDIT: So I just found out my stepdad is mad at that Abby and I are going to visit our dad this weekend. He says it is supposed to be HIS birthday weekend. His birthday was yesterday. We celebrated on Tuesday. And he skipped my 18th birthday to go skiing. So no. I'm not going to stay here to celebrate him turning 46. No way.


Caitlin said...

I love Pacific Blue and Hottie! I'm going to have to try this combo, they look beautiful together.

Linnie said...

Blue!!! Beautiful :D

Good luck and have a good time at your Dad's place :)

Stephanie said...

I looooove Pacific Blue. Definitely one of my favorite drug store polishes.

Rebecca said...

I received this from Tiffani! Going to swatch it soon. Looks hot, I especially like the layers.

Families are so complicated aren't they?

Lily nail said...

love this blue !!

Kathy said...

Super pretty blue!
If you moved to Tacoma i'd be very sad. BUT your house is an unhealthy environment and i'll support any decision you make. I hope you have an amazing, fun, carefree weekend with your dad! ILY twin buddy!

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