Monday, April 12, 2010

Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost & Jesse's Girl North Star

This is what I had on yesterday when we went to Seattle. Actually, we ended up going to Bellevue and then we drove through Duvall. My mom, my sisters, my first stepdad, and I lived in Duvall for a few years when I was a little kid. I went to preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade in Duvall. We hadn't been there since we moved to Bellingham and wanted to see how much it changed. It actually hadn't changed too much. We drove by both of the houses we had lived in a long time ago. The first one we lived in looked exactly the same, and it looked smaller than I remember. The second one we lived in has been fixed up and repainted, I almost didn't recognize it. When we lived in it, the bathroom was kind of falling off the house and slugs came in. It was gross. In the 7th Harry Potter book there's that part about Snape growing up and every time I read that I think of our old house for some reason. Anyways. It was fun seeing it again.

So, I really liked these two colors together. One of my sister's friends was all "Why did you paint one nail a different color?" Uhm, because I can? Hah.

My nails looked way better in person than they do in these pictures by the way.

Today I also have a bonus picture of my sweet little Marley! She was spazzing out last night and playing with the alligator toy I got her last month for her birthday. It has 16 squeakers in it. She doesn't squeak it much though, which is is good because otherwise I think I'd go insane.

She doesn't look like she was being crazy, but she was.

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Starlight said...

Caribbean Frost is pretty on you! Your dog is so precious!

WizardsOfBling said...

Hey, I love the way you mixed it up! Marley is a doll! My Lilly has lots of babies and she does love to squeak them! Did your sister get her dress?

Delaynee said...

Haha - that is the best response to when someone asks you something 'uhhhhm, because I can..' - nice combo!! And Marley is adorbs!!

Tierney said...

Sylvia - Yes my sister did get a dress. We went through a few different stores and finally found one she liked at Macys. Yaay.

Haha, Delaynee, I totally agree.


Caitlin said...

I like these colors together too, and I'm a sucker for any nail polish with beach releated names haha.

Tierney said...

Caitlin, I'm the same way! That's part of why I got CG Beauty and the Beach

Cah_nossovicio said...

Love your nail polish combination. it's always great to go back to places where we live :)

Tropical Mind said...

I need to get one of those for my dog! Marley is too sweet =)

Hey you've been tagged!

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