Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Nail Art

Hello everybody!!

So yesterday I wanted to a little bit of nail art but my head hurt and I couldn't think of anything so I googled it and found this. I liked it and it was simple so yay. I changed it a bit though. I used Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, Sinful Colors Whats Your Name, and China Glaze Beauty and the Beach.

I really like how it turned out!! I managed to mess up both my thumbs when I finished though and by then my head was hurting so badly I didn't feel like redoing them. Instead I curled up and watched NCIS.

Other news - I have 50 followers now!! That is so exciting, thank you all! I want to have a giveaway at some point, but I don't have a job really and any money I get usually gets spent on gas. I'm hoping I can have one kind of soon though!

I hope you all have a good day, thanks for reading!



Kathy said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE these Twin buddy!!!!! I think they might just bring some here faster.

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

wanted to let you know that I also got a few Diamond Cosmetics polishes for you (from your wishlist) hope they are still "lemmings"!!!

Fool's Gold


Tierney said...

Thanks twin buddy!

And Tiffani, that is incredible!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Linnie said...

Very pretty Tier!! :D

Starlight said...

I like this look!

Delaynee said...

I did this look back in the day as well (:

You did an awesome job and congrats on the followers!!

Charis said...

what a beautiful mani, it turned it really pretty!

WizardsOfBling said...

Congrats on 50 followers! And the mani is awesome!
Luvs it!

Tropical Mind said...

Hey this looks gorgeous! Nice job =)

Lily nail said...

so beautifull :)

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