Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Neons!

I am just loving the Poolside collection. I knew I would though, neons are my favorite. Today I've got on Yellow Polka Dot Bikini with Kiwi Cool-Ada polka dots. I love how bright it is.

This first picture is blurry but I think it looks really cool.

I was watching Blackadder while I was doing my nails and I wasn't paying attention at first.. So I really could've made room for more polka dots on my pinky but oh well.

Hope you're all having a good day, thank you for reading!!



Caitlin said...

This is reallly cute! :) I love how neon yellows look on other people but they look awful on me!

Brooke said...


Starlight said...

This looks great,Tier! Just when I thought Neon's weren't my thing. I may want to reconsider. I love the polka dots!

Kathy said...

This is AWESOME!!! i love the brightness. it made me smile which i needed so thank you for your awesome nails :)

Evil Angel said...

OMG...I'm Blind! 8o)
It looks great!

Tierney said...

Thanks Caitlin! That's sad, they are so much fun!

Brooke, I love polka dots too!! I ALWAYS want to do polka dots.

Thanks Starlight! I think you should reconsider :P Neons are my absolute favorite. They make me happy.

Kathy, I'm glad they made you smile! Just wait until I do your nails for Opening Day, they are going to be beyond awesome.

Tierney said...

Haha, thanks Evil Angel! I think it's even brighter in person.

Delaynee said...

That looks awesome! Kind of need the Poolside collection I think!!

Stephanie said...


Skulda said...

*rubs her watering eyes* The awesome is blinding meeeee.... Seriously. I paint my nails while watching something (or gaming) and the better the show, the worse the mani! LMFAO

Rebecca said...

Haha cool mani!

Tierney said...

Delaynee - Yes you do!! It's awesome.

Steff - Thank you! I love it too!

Skulda - I love how bright and blinding this is :P And usually I don't get very distracted when I'm watching something while I paint my nails but yesterday I did. Oops. Haha.

Rebecca - Thank you!!

Sandie KlawzZ said...

Haha, Blackadder <3

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