Monday, April 26, 2010

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Hiiii everyone!

So today has been a good day. First of all, I got my China Glaze Poolside collection today! I also got Color Club Koo Koo Cachoo and the konad plate M28 in the mail today. YAY. Now I know exactly what I'm going to do for my Opening Day nails.

I just put on Flip Flop Fantasy. I lovelovelove how bright this is. I did it over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Sheer Romance Natural White.

The other good thing that happened today is I found out that Great Big Sea will be coming to Seattle in July!! I'm buying tickets for Kathy and I tomorrow hopefully. I'm so excited, this is going to be my 4th Great Big Sea concert!! I'm sure you all by now how much I love this band.

Great Big Sea at the Moore Theatre in Seattle in October 08.

Here is one of their videos. I just have to share it because lately this has been my favorite song. It's called Ordinary Day. I don't know if anybody has noticed the quote up on the header of my blog, but it's lyrics from this song.

Oh, I've got one more thing. Thank you to everybody who commented on my last two posts, you guys are so sweet. I'm so glad I started blogging and met you all.

EDIT: I actually have something else that just happened that has made me happy. My uncle Neil just posted pictures of the his wedding to my mommy-for-a-day Michele in Hawaii! That's why my auntie (also named Michele) is there right now. I went "awhhh!" really loudly when I saw the pictures were posted and if anybody in my house heard me they might think I'm insane.

Thanks for reading!



Skulda said...

That mani is eye-searingly good. Awesome!

Jessica said...

Great neon goodness! I love it.

Starlight said...

This one is one of my faves from the Poolside collection. I can't wait to see you wear Sun Worshipper,and Pool Party.(not sure if the name of that last one.)

Linnie said...

Oeh, I love this color!
Look great :D

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