Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anchor Nails

I am very excited for race committee tomorrow. I'm not sure why, because it has been COLD this week and I will probably freeze out on the boat tomorrow. But I love being out there and for me race committee starting means that summer is coming! And everybody on committee is so nice and I haven't seen most of them since September. So it will be good to see them again.

Today I kind of combined 2 different anchor nail designs I found. One is from I Love Nail Polish and the other I found on google image search. Look here.

I used Sally Hansen Sheer Romance Natural White, Art Deco Dark Blue, Art Deco Silver Glitter, Art Deco Red Glitter, and the light blue polish I won in Nihrida's giveaway.

So I didn't do the best, they look kind of messy.. and a couple of them smeared a bit. But I like them anyways!!

Well. That's all folks!

Have a good day, thanks for reading!



Jean said...

Oh my goodness, I love this. I'm obsessed with all things nautical, especially slightly cutesy nautical. And this is absolutely adorable! :D

Stephanie said...


WizardsOfBling said...

Tier, That is so cool! The people at race committee are going to Love your nails! Have fun!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, this is so cute!!! and a matching ring too :) I love it :)

Cyan said...

Love the design and look! I had admired that same anchor nail design on the I Love Nail Polish... Blog. Your finished design looks fabulous, so hopefully the weather will cooperate for you and be as extraordinary as your mani!

Delaynee said...

Very cute mani and you did an excellent job! Oh, and that ring is adorable!! Enjoy the committee tomorrow!!

Linnie said...

Very cool mani Tier!!
I hope you have a great day!!

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