Sunday, March 28, 2010

China Glaze Thunderbird

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. The last couple days were busy. First was my sister's 16th birthday, then yesterday I hung out with Kathy. She is going to France for 10 days and she is leaving on Wednesday. I did paint my nails before I went to her house, but I was in a hurry and right when I was about to put on a top coat my mom yelled at me that it was time to go.. I was going to finish at Kathy's house but of course the dogs decided to trip me and so my nails got all bashed up before I even got in the car. LAME. But I figured I would post a picture anyway because I haven't in 3 days. Sorry they look awful!

See, they are scratched up and dented and chipped already. Ugh. And I would redo them now but I was doing accounting for my stepdad's business for the last hour after running errands with mom today and soon I am going to go to the movies with Kathy and Britt. Soo yeah. I'll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow.

So Friday afternoon I had that appointment. I had no idea who it was with or what, my mom just decided I should go see this guy she's been seeing. Apparently he's good at figuring out different symptoms or something? I don't know. His card he gave me with my appointment next week said he's a mental health counselor or something. Anyway.. He was really nice. He thinks stress definitely has something to do with my headaches.. and he says that I have depression, but not so bad that he is going to put me on meds. I talked to him about a lot of the crap that has gone on since I was kid. I kind of cried a lot. I didn't expect that. But oh man, it was great to just get some of it out, like I do on here. So I'm going back Friday morning.

I'll have a nail post tomorrow, and one with nice looking nails, I promise! Haha.

Have a good day everyone, thanks for reading.



WizardsOfBling said...

I'm Glad things went good at the Dr. Those dented nails are screaming for a glitter top coat! Pretty color.

Tierney said...

Ooh, a glitter top coat could've been fun!

Sandie KlawzZ said...

Gorgeous color.
I'm glad you've found someone to help you out with things that are going on with you in your life. Who knows he might help you with your shyness. My therapist has been great, I've been doing more than I would have if I haven't gone to see her. Plus you can rant and rave about anything involving people in your life without the consequences of them knowing what you said in that session. I think everyone needs some who's out of the loop of their circle of family and friends to talk to every now and again.

Tierney said...

Yeah, I'm glad too. I actually can't wait for my next appointment.

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