Sunday, March 7, 2010

China Glaze Beauty & The Beach

So today I have China Glaze Beauty & The Beach. I love the name of this polish! It's part of why I picked it. It is also one of my favorite colors. So pretty much, I think it is perfect! I did my nails last night while I was watching The Holiday. It's one of my favorite movies. After that I ended up watching The Blues Brothers, which is my ALL TIME favorite movie. Except I fell asleep in the middle of it. Haha. Oh well. Tonight I will probably end up watching Young Guns again. I still don't know why I love that movie, because it makes me sad and mad.

I should stop rambling about movies and get on to the pictures :P

This morning I was a little bored and decided to try something I saw on another blog a month or so ago. I'm really sorry, I can't remember whose blog it was I saw it on!! I had forgotten about it until today, it just popped back into my head! Anyway, I added Art Deco Silver Glitter. I've almost used all of my silver glitter, I'm going to have to go buy more.

I've got a headache again today. I have had one every day this week. Its been awful, but I'm used to them.

OH OH OH! I just remembered that I now have 30 followers! That is so exciting for me, thank you all so much :D

Have a good day everybody!



Thess said...

Yes, I remember this design, it was for Christmas, but from who... ?

Oh well, you did a nice job!
With these colors it is more spring! =)

Tierney said...

I have been trying to remember where I saw this all day, but so far nothing has clicked. :/

Thank you though!

Stephanie said...

The Holiday is a cute movie :)

gildedangel said...

That is super cute!

Lily nail said...

so lovely !!

Linnie said...

Very nice color!!

Michèle said...

This color looks so cute on you, and very springlike <3

Also, I love the layout of your blog :-D

Caitlin said...

Cute color I love blues! And I really like the name too ! :) The Holiday is a really cute movie! & you did a great job with the glitter nail art... i've seen it somehwere too but also can't remember where! xo

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