Monday, February 22, 2010

Minnie Mouse Nails!

So, I absolutely love Disney. Well, old Disney. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. I also really love Peter Pan, but I've actually never seen the Disney one. I just love the story.. I've been trying to think of a Peter Pan design for my nails, but so far I haven't come up with anything. Last night I got the idea to try Minnie Mouse nails though! I got very excited, haha.

For this I used OPI Chick Flick Cherry, OPI Alpine Snow, and China Glaze Liquid Leather. As usual, I took pictures before I cleaned up. I'm a very impatient person. The Minnie Mouse heads kind of suck, but oh well! I still like them, and I love the polka dots! Polka dots are awesome.

I'm also very impatient because it is my birthday in THREE days and everybody is torturing me, going on and on about how much I'm going to love what they're getting me! UGH! Kathy has been going on about her supposedly genius present for me since NEW YEARS EVE! It's mean, haha. I'm just so excited, because most of my adopted family from the yacht club is coming over, and my Uncle Neil is making me my special hot dog he made when I went cruising with him and my aunties. Its a hot dog with cheese and grilled onions wrapped in a tortilla. It sounded really weird, but it was delicious. He made that for me when the rest of them ate seafood- ew! Anyway.. three days!! I can't contain my excitement, as you can tell.

EDIT: I just remembered I wanted to ask you guys something! I've been trying to think of what to do for my birthday nails but so far I've got nothing. Any ideas??

Have a good day you guys!!



yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

ahhhhh! I love it!

Tierney said...

Thank you!

Liana said...

So cute!

gildedangel said...

That is so cute! For your birhtday you should wear a glitterbomb of a polish, that's what I'm going to do!

Tierney said...

That sounds awesome! Unfortunately I don't have many glitters. I should go through them. Hmmm.

Caitlin said...

So cute, I think that you did a good job on the minnie mouse! I really like that red OPI color too! For your birthday you should wear something fun and glittery! Or really bright! xo

Tierney said...

Thank youu! [:
I'm kind of tempted to wear China Glaze In The Lime Light. I love neons.

Kathy said...

I LOVE THEM :D and on thursday you'll get your awesome present. :D

Tierney said...

:D Haha, just kidding. Ily.

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