Wednesday, February 15, 2012

China Glaze Cowgirl Up & A England Holy Grail

Hey everyone! I'm trying to stick with my blog [: I tore about my room looking for my camera cord so I could share pictures with you of my current mani!

I was inspired by this manicure Stephanie of Short'n Chic did last week. I chose very different colors but I still like it!

I've had ChG Cowgirl Up for quite awhile now. I believe it is one of the polishes my mom gave me for Christmas a couple years back. I don't wear it often, but I thought it might look pretty with A England Holy Grail. By the way, I never thought I would wear gold polish. I usually hate anything gold. I'm going to be honest, I only bought Holy Grail for the name. I'm silly that way. It makes me think of Monty Python. Anyways, I'm really glad I bought it because I love it. I've only had it for maybe 3 weeks and I've worn it quite a few times.

What do you think?


Stephanie said...

Yay! It looks great. I hope we start a trend.

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