Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Pictures. Really Long!

Hi everyone. I'm feeling quite sick again today.. all morning at work I felt like I was going to collapse. Thank goodness my manager was working in a different department because I was moving SLOW and kept having to sit down.. otherwise I probably would have passed out. Or been sick. Anyways, today I just want to share some pictures from my weekend. I went to one of the yacht club's annual events at our private beach.. This event is where everyone dresses up like pirates.. or they're supposed to. They bring a band out to the island, there's a treasure hunt, one of the members makes a TON of carne asada. It's always a good time. We actually got warm weather for the first time! In the years past it's always rained at this event. I went hiking up this big hill and to the point to take pictures. I've been hiking up there ever since the first time I went to Inati Bay but I usually forget my camera.

Inati Bay. One of my favorite places to go.. It has been since I was 12. I've had some really good times there.

Some of the boats! More showed up later.

The whaler! This is what I came back in on Saturday night. I came over with my parents on our sailboat but they are cruising for the next 10 days so they didn't come back. Also, most people were staying the night Saturday. I had to work Sunday morning. I love whalers. They're so much fun.. I almost didn't get to go on any rides in the whaler this summer but my brother took me and Kathy out earlier in the day and then brought us home that night. FUN.

Everyone plugging their ears waiting for the canon to go off. The pirates are obsessed with the canon.

My auntie Susan and my older brother Jason french braiding Kathy's hair. Well, Jason tried. He decided he is going to become the master at french braiding hair when Kathy comes back to visit in December. He was all "I'm a pirate, I can do anything!" It was hilarious.

My FAVORITE picture from the weekend. I just love it up there.. The first time I hiked up was when I was 13 or so I think. I went with Jason and a bunch of his friends and I was terrified of falling. The hill to get up there is STEEP. I meant to take a picture of it. I remember they lined up and all helped me climb up and get back down. They all made sure I had a hand to hold which was awesome. Ever since then, whenever I go to Inati, I always climb up there. It's like my happy place or something. I always calm down up there.

More boats!

The beach! The band was playing under the white tent thingy.

Somebody heading out in a dinghy.. It looks fun.

Kathy! She really liked sitting there. I think it's an awesome picture.

One last picture that my aunt Susan took on her phone.. Me with Jason! And my little Wally dog.

So yeah! That's where I was Friday and Saturday. Friday I cried a lot, my head was killing me and people were lecturing me about my health and I just kind of lost it a bit. BUT it was also a good day. Before we left, I got to see my favorite uncle. He's in the national guard and has been gone most of this month for some training thing or something. I don't know. But he got a 24 hour leave and I got to see him for a few minutes Friday before we left. Then once we got to Inati I saw my big brother was there. I rarely see him anymore and he hung out with me a lot. It was like when I was younger and saw him all the time. I'm sure you all know we aren't actually related, that's pretty obvious in the picture.. I met Jason when I was 12, when my mom and stepdad first met and we became involved in the yacht club. He helped me get over my fear of boats. One day we were on the boat headed home, probably from Inati, and he said that my sisters and I needed an older brother to keep an eye on us or something and since we didn't have a real one, he would be it. I've been calling him my brother since then.. I also remember bragging in middle school about how I had the coolest brother ever. I had always wanted an older brother. I don't think my sisters still call him their brother but I could be wrong. He will always be my brother though. I love him TONS and I'm happy we've started talking a bit more lately.

Sorry for the ramblings. Can't help it. High five to anyone who makes it through this ridiculously long post!! I like talking about places and people I love though.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend too!! Anybody do anything fun?



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