Monday, August 8, 2011

Essie Smooth Sailing

I hope you all are having a better Monday then I am. I spent my shift at work feeling like I was going to throw up and then faint. Plus I am bruised on my sides (who knew that hula hooping for an hour would do that?) and my left knee is swollen and bruising (yeah, I kind of had a bad landing jumping from the boat to the dock). And I think I'm getting a cold. Agh. Done complaining now!

I spent Friday through Sunday out on my family's boat Sunstar. Friday afternoon my mom, my stepdad, my aunt and I took Sunstar and towed our racing boat Amore to Friday Harbor. Saturday our friend Jan joined us and the four of them went out to race on Amore. I was left by myself on Sunstar in Friday Harbor. I was an idiot and didn't bring any books with me. I did bring about 10 nail polishes though I spent my time swatching on the deck. The people on the boat we were rafted to kept laughing at me. They were all "why are you taking pictures of your nails? That's just weird." They also thought my name was funny. They kept asking if my name was REALLY Tierney. Yes, yes it is really my name. I know, it's different.

Anywho, I thought it was fitting to bring this polish with me because of the name. And the color. As soon as I saw pictures of this one I had to have it but I still haven't gotten around to actually wearing it. Oh goodness. It's a gorgeous color though and I love it.

If anybody is interested I can post some pictures from this weekend. Saturday night one of my adopted uncles and I took Sunstar to meet the other boat and we spent the night at Sucia Island. I drove most of the way there. My stepdad was a jerk the majority of the weekend but that wasn't a surprise. I just had to tune him out. Although helping run our biggest regatta is more relaxing then being on a boat with him. Just sayin'.



Madeline said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Smooth Sailing is soooo pretty. It sold out at my Target right away so I haven't gotten my hands on a bottle yet.

I'd love to see pictures from the weekend!

P.S. I went to high school with a girl named it isn't a completely uncommon name!

Tropical Mind said...

Hope you feel better soon =) I love SS on you! It's gorgeous and I really need to use mine again.

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