Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Butter London Macbeth

Good morning everyone! I'm trying to quickly get this post up before I head out to go ice skating with my grandma. So, today I have pictures of Butter London Macbeth for you. My school just got a bunch of Butter London polishes in to use on the clients days next month. My teacher wanted to grade our written exams without distractions I guess so she had us paint each others nails and see how we liked the polishes and stuff. I chose Macbeth and another student applied it. She said the application was great.

Ohh my nails look awful in these pictures I think. They're still very weak and damaged from the first 3 months of the course. Anyways, I loved this color. Unfortunately it chipped like crazy before I'd even had it on a full 24 hours.

I also feel like letting you all know I totally picked this polish for the name. It made me think of this one episode of Blackadder.

Ah I love it.
Have a good day everybody, thanks for reading! Don't forget to enter my CSN giveaway!



Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Funny episode! Thanks for posting it.

Jeanie said...

check my blog and look at the shape of my nails!

I'm like George Constanza, I found my hand twin!

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