Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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So, like usual I have no nail pictures today. I had to take off my polish before class on Sunday and we started learning acrylics. So now I have acrylics on and I am supposed to leave them alone until the next class. Maybe I will take pictures of them to show you guys. I did my left hand on my own and another student did my right hand. They look very different.

Anyways, I've missed blogging and just felt like doing a little post to say HI. Also, I wanted to remind you all about my CSN Giveaway. So far I have only had 8 people enter!

Like I said, I've been pretty busy since I last posted. I've had work and school and I had the Halloween party at the yacht club. It was kind of fun. I saw Kellie, who I call my little sister. She is the cutest kid. But none of my aunts and uncles were there, and I somehow got sucked into doing all the costume and food contest stuff. Now I'm off until Saturday which is exciting. I think tomorrow I want to drag Kathy to the mall to look for a dress for a fancy yacht club even in 10 days. I also need to go to different nail salons to write about for a school assignment. I think I will do that on Friday.. I wanted to go to the yacht club Friday night but I found out none of my people will be there. I think I will go anyways and work on my homework where I won't be distracted by tv and internet. Also then I get free sodas. Haha.

Sorry I'm kind of rambling. I'm half asleep at the moment. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. I'll probably sleep until 7.. That sounds great. ANYWAYS. At my next class I will try to remember to take some pictures to share with you all.

Have a good night everyone!



R3Beauty said...

Sounds like the classes are going well though - you should post pics of you and your acrylics!

ChaosButterfly said...

Yeahh show us your nails!! It's kind of scary that you guys have to experiment on yourselves. Also how are your nails doing? Not still aching, I hope.

And eeep at 7am being a sleep in for you! The construction company across the street wakes my side of the dorm up at 7am every morning, and we're ready to stage a violent mutiny against housing.

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