Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey everyone. As usual, no nails today. I had on Orly It's Not Rocket Science last week but it chipped horribly at work. Then I had to take the rest off before class yesterday. I'll be painting them tonight though and again for the Halloween party at the yacht club Friday so I should have a nail post later this week! For now though, I have a tag that I saw Steph over at Imperfectly Painted post.

1. Favorite type of music/band?
Well I don't really have a favorite type of music, I like a little bit of everything. I do have a favorite band though, which I've posted about before. That band is Great Big Sea and like I've said many many times before, they are amazing. I would suggest listening to their songs Sea Of No Cares, Ordinary Day, Consequence Free, When I'm Up, Let It Go, Mari Mac, Yankee Sailor, and General Taylor. I love all their songs but these are some of my favorites.

2. Heart's desire?
I would love for all the family drama to go away. I'm tired of everybody always screaming at each other and nobody ever wanting to be home. I'm tired of the crying and the insults. And I would love for my dad and mom to get along and quit complaining about each other to me. That has gotten really old. Unfortunately all of that won't just go away. Some things may change eventually but who knows.

3. Most embarrassing TV show you watch regularly?
I'm not really embarrassed by any of the TV Shows I watch. I watch Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, 30 Rock and I'm starting to watch Law & Order SVU. Also I watch my Friends and Buffy DVDS a lot.

4. Favorite color?
Purple, turquoise, and silver.

5. What clique you fell into in high school?
I wasn't really in one... I was kind of a loner. Same as now!

6. Trend follower or setter?

7. Where do you love to vacation?
DISNEYLAND<3 It is definitely the happiest place on earth. My family thinks I'm crazy because I believe that but oh well! I can't wait until I can go back there again. Kathy and I have decided we want to go back next summer. It's our new goal.

8. Favorite Disney character and why?
You know, this is a really hard question. Really REALLY hard. I've always loved Tinkerbell. I have so much Tinkerbell stuff from when I was younger, it's insane. I also love Genie from Aladdin. My favorite princess is Ariel. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, it has been for ages. My favorite bad guy is Hades from Hercules, he's just too funny. OHH and I love Pain and Panic from Hercules.

9. What is your security blanket?
Oatmeal Bear. He the teddy bear that I believe my grandma bought me before I was born. He's the one stuffed animal I have in my room, and I'm not going to lie, I have brought him with me on trips before. I took him on the boat for a week and on a ski trip a few years ago. I think of Oatmeal Bear as the one constant thing in my life. From when my parents were still married, through their divorce, then the 8 years with my abusive stepdad, through that divorce, then moving again when mom met my current stepdad. Things have changed so many times and I like having something the same.

10. Favorite nail polish brand and why?
I have no idea. I really don't. There are a lot of brands I haven't been able to try yet, or that I only have 1 or 2 of. I love China Glaze and Sinful Colors though.

Anybody who wants to do this tag should do it and let me know! I love these sort of things. They are fun to read.

I promise I will have a nail post at some point this week. I will I will I will. Thanks for reading!



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Buffy!! Disney!! I love it!

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