Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Good morning everyone! Sorry, no nails today. I still have on Sinful Happy Ending and Hidden Treasure. I was going to change my polish yesterday but today I am helping Kathy move into an apartment so I decided not to. I'm also going to be getting a new phone today hopefully. I have the original iphone right now, it was my stepdad's but I got it from him a couple years ago when he got the 3g. I love my phone, but it shuts off multiple times everyday, even right after I've unplugged it from the charger. It's frustrating and since I'm starting school in 2 weeks and will be driving to Vancouver twice a week, I want a functional phone, just in case. My stepdad is being very nice and offered to bring his truck over to help move Kathy's stuff and then take me to the AT&T store. Tomorrow morning I'm going ice skating, then I think I'll try to change my nail polish during the day. I'm going to be at the yacht club tomorrow night. It's elections night there and my mom is running to be on the board. I don't care too much about being there to find out who is elected since my mom would tell me but they're serving dinner there. Also, I like getting out of the house.

ANYWAYS. I titled this post 'Kitten' so I should probably get on to the kitten part. My sister's friend Jen had this kitten and he was sick and her dad didn't care. So my sister Abby and her other friend Brandy took the kitty to the vet and they got eye drops for his poor little infected eyes and some antibiotics and all that. So he's getting better, and Brandy's parents are paying the vet bills. However, they can't keep him after he gets better and neither can my sister. We already have 4 cats. So Kathy is going to take the kitty! At the moment his name is Charles but Kathy is going to change it because Charles is her grandpa's name.

This is a picture of the kitty. Well and me but ignore the me part. Just look at the kitten!!

Oh, he's just so cute. He looks like my kitty Goober when Goober was little. Anyways, Kathy isn't sure what to name him yet. She hasn't actually met him yet since he has been at Brandy's house for the most part but I'm thinking Thursday I'm going to find a way to get her to meet him. I've suggested tons of names, they're all a bit silly because, well, I'm silly and had way too much fun making a list of names for her. A lot of them are also from Disney movies because Kathy and I are Disney obsessed, which I have mentioned many times. Right now Abu and Mufasa are at the top of her list. But if any of you have any brilliant ideas, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and I'll try to have a polish post up tomorrow!



Ria said...

He looks so cute!Actually he resembles a cheetah, so how about naming him cheeto?

Skulda said...

Glad the kitty is feeling better! Oi, not caring for an animal in your possesion is kind of illegal isn't it? I'm so glad you guys stepped up and helped the little baby out! You rock. <3

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