Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm back!

Good morning everybody!! I got home around 9 last night. I'm exhausted. The entire flight home some little kid was kicking my seat really hard and screaming at his dad. It was ridiculous. I couldn't really get to sleep and then Marley woke me up early this morning. I missed her so much though!!

I'm going to try and catch up on all of your wonderful blogs this week and get some posts up on mine. Right now I'm still half asleep. I'll eventually post some pictures from my trip too. I have to get them from Kathy first.

For now, I have one nail picture taken with my cell phone. There is a Sephora in Downtown Disney and I bought another package of the Chic Prints one day.

I loved these! I'm sad that my nails are so short though.

Oh, here is a picture of a painting I got in Disneyland.

It's another bad cell phone picture, sorry! But anyway, we walked by the stands with these paintings for 5 days and then we finally had to go get our own. You get to pick out which character you want. I chose Cinderella, Kathy chose Sleeping Beauty.

She took a picture in better lighting. It's so pretty.

Thanks for reading!! I missed you all and like I said, I'm going to try to get caught up on all of your blogs this week.



KarenD said...

Cute nails, and those paintings are adorable--I love Disney parks!

Marie said...

Glad you're back!:D How cute are those?!:D I'd pick Ariel.:D
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Jessica said...

Yay I'm glad your back. I hope you had a wonderful time. You came back home at a good time, missed all our very hot hot weather, now we're perfect again :)

oh and I think you won a giveaway over at Polish Galore!

Freshie said...

The nails and paintings are adorable ~ welcome back!

Caitlin said...

I'm glad your back, I missed your posts :) and i'm glad you had fun on your trip! Those paintings are SO cute! And I like your nails short xo

Rebecca said...

Aww I love your pictures! Glad you had a good time :D I hate it when you get annoying people on planes though grr

StardustStephanie said...

Nice to see you back! I love those paintings you got and I hope you enjoyed your trip to Disneyland! I love Disneyland and Disney World you're never too old for Disney magic! :)

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