Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BB Couture Adios Mo Fo

Hello again!! Today I'm sharing my first BB Couture polish, Adios Mo Fo. I love this polish and I really love the name too, it makes me laugh.

Man, this color is gorgeous. I love blues.

So yesterday I went and got a helmer from Ikea. I read lots of people thought they were great for polish storage and since my sister was going to Ikea yesterday I decided to tag along and get one. There is no way it will be filled for quite awhile but I had leftover money from my Disney trip and I was tired of using shoeboxes. And I like organizing things. I went to Tacoma on Sunday to see my dad and he was laughing when he found out how excited I was to reorganize my polish. I'm weird like that I guess. Sunday was great by the way. My sister Kayla and I went down to go to my dad's company BBQ, but then him and my stepmom decided not to go. So instead we went out to dinner at Stanley & Seaforts, one of my favorite restaurants. I love going there because my daddy always buys me prime rib. Yum yum yum. I hadn't been there since my 15th birthday so it was very exciting. Him and my stepmom laughed at me at dinner because of my happy I'm eating delicious prime rib dance. Haha. Anyways, it was a good day. I was not thrilled when we first got there though because my 11 year old brother picked me up. He's getting so big and I don't like it! I used to think people were silly when they told me "You're growing up so fast, you need to stop it." but now I understand. He's my baby brother, I don't like him being able to pick me up.

Well, I'm off. My grandma is here!



Caitlin said...

Haha, I love the name it's awesome. This blue looks really pretty on you, I love BB Couture! I need to order some more polishes from them soon. Congrats on getting a helmer!, I'm still using the box method :/ haha

Kathy said...

First off this blue is super cute! It reminds me of cinderella for some reason. Maybe its because we just got back from disneyland but i dont know. any whoo...
Next, I am so sorry Taylor is able to pick you up now. It will be a sad day when Brandon can do that. Little brothers needs to stay little and shouldn't be able to pick up their older sibblings.
Now about this im eatting delicious prim rib dance....i think you need to show me sometime. It sounds very entertaining.
I'm glad it was a good day for you!

KarenD said...

Yay, a Helmer! What color did you get?

Tierney said...

@Karen - I got white! My room is mostly light blue and white so yeah.

Jess said...

Next time you're down my way let me know! We'll get together for lunch or coffee and I'll take you to a pretty sweet secret nail polish heaven :) shhh

Tierney said...

@Jessica - Ooh, that sounds fun!! My dad was talking about having a family BBQ before the summer is over and whenever that is I will probably come down for a couple days [:

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