Monday, July 5, 2010

Another 4th of July Mani

Hello everyone! Here is my mani from yesterday. It's pretty simple and the picture was taken with my cell phone so it sucks!

I used NYC Skintight Denim Creme, then I decided I wanted a brighter blue so I layered China Glaze Frostbite over that. On my ring finger I used Nicole Positive Energy, then I did stripes using China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Finally I layered over everything with Santee Nail Art White Glitter, which I LOVE. It's so pretty.

For the 4th yesterday I went down to the harbor with Kathy of course. We spent an hour visiting her grandparents on their boat. Then we walked over to where my mom-for-a-day Michele (M1) and uncle Neil's boat usually is docked. It turns out they had moved it to the gate where MY boat is docked which was a bit of a walk. But we got there and I spent almost 8 hours hanging out with my adopted family!! It was GREAT. My auntie Michele (M2) and uncle Bart were there, everybody knows they are my favorite people. They were so sweet too, they gave Kathy and I each $100 for Disneyland! I'm still shocked. They laughed at the look on my face when I opened the card. I kind of made a really loud noise too. Anyways, I hung out on the docks until 11:40ish. My uncle Terry was there, and so was M1's friend Pam. Pam is really funny, I've met her a few times before. It was fun, everybody hung out all day waiting for the fireworks show over Bellingham Bay to start. It started around 10:30 and was about 20 minutes long. And it wouldn't be the 4th of July in Washington without RAIN. Ugh. It didn't start raining until the fireworks started of course. It wasn't too bad though and when the fireworks were over we went on M1 and Neil's boat to wait for the traffic to clear out. It was such a good day. I really needed that.

Tonight Kathy and I are going to auntie Michele and uncle Bart's house for dinner. They told me to bring Marley with to visit their dogs. I'm very excited, I haven't been to their house in a few months. Like I said, they are my favorite people. They are like other parents to me. And I will get more hugs, which is always good.

This is a really long post, if anybody reads the whole thing then wow, thanks!



Rebecca said...

We (obviously) don't have the 4th July celebrations over here, but I'd love to come to the US to see how people celebrate!

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