Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails

Good morning!! Today I have something a bit different to show you guys, Sephora by OPI's Chic Print. Check them out here. My mom recently ordered 4 different chic print designs from Sephora and they got here on Friday. We got the anchor pattern, the black and gold geometric pattern, the checkers pattern, and the fishnet pattern.

Here is the description of these prints that is written on their website:
"What it is:
A breakthrough array of precut nail patches for extraordinary nails, instantly!

What it does:
This innovative line, brewed by Minx (and loved by your favorite celebrities) creates customized nails, featuring fierce patterns and prints to satisfy your wildest mani-and-pedi dreams. Dress your tips with your favorite design: anchor, stars, checkers, tiger, fishnet, chrome lace, black & gold geometric, or skulls.

What else you need to know:
One set of Chic Print for Nails contains 16 nail patches of varying widths, for a one-time application to fingers or toes. The nail patch is a solid-film material with an adhesive back that is heat activated. Applying heat creates conformability, allowing the patch to fit over the compound curves of your nails and seal onto the nail bed. The patent-pending material removes easily with heat."

Now, before I show you pictures I want to say I had a hard time applying these. I couldn't seem to keep them smooth, they kept getting sort of.. creased. My mom had no problem with the ones she tried but I completely forgot to take pictures of her nails.

I just don't know what I think about these. They definitely looked awesome, but I had issues applying them. Maybe it will be easier next time. I believe the package says they last 1 - 2 days. I only kept them on for 1 day because I got annoyed and took them off. I think my mom had hers on for at least 3 days. She had no problems with them at all.

R3 Daily did a post recently about Claire's version of these. They looked pretty cool, check out her post Claire's Salon Nail Foils.

Have any of you tried the SOPI Chic Prints or Claire's Nail Foils? Or anything else similar? If you have, I'd love to hear how they worked for you!



Caitlin said...

WANTTTTT! Theres an anchor one? Ahhh I must go check Sephora's website!

Delaynee said...

Huh.. I kind of really like this.. Actually, I want these gems for my toes!! Looks awesome despite the difficulties you had!!

Stephanie said...

I want the ones with stars and stripes or something. I don't remember what they look like, exactly. $15 is a lot though...

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