Sunday, June 27, 2010

China Glaze Street Racing

Hello everyone!

Sorry I didn't get around to posting until now. It's been a long weekend. Friday was just not my day. People were driving like morons and I was late to my appointment. After that I managed to get lost downtown, which was ridiculous. Then a guy in some huge truck almost backed into me when I was driving home from Kathy's house, which scared me pretty bad. Then Saturday I had race committee, which was fine except I had horrible cramps all day. Then when I got home I got locked in my room. My stepdad was outside talking to his friend so I yelled at the window and he didn't take me seriously, he thought I was screwing around. But the door really wouldn't open. Then when I tried calling my mom and sisters, my phone wouldn't work until the 4th or 5th time I tried calling them. Then my mom didn't answer and my sisters did but they weren't home. Marley was locked in with me and she was spazzing out. I was in there for over half an hour and it really scared me. My sisters finally got ahold of Ray and yelled at him on the phone to get upstairs and help me. He ended up having to climb out a different window, come through my bedroom window, and take the door completely off. The doorknob had somehow broken and when I turned the handle it wouldn't unlatch or whatever. So at the moment I have no doorknob. So yeah, I seriously freaked out and was really shaky for awhile last night. I didn't feel like posting. Then today I had race committee again and had a headache. Woohoo! Anyways, I've been home for a couple hours and am feeling better now.

I forgot to bring my camera with me on committee BOTH days. OOPS! We got 7 races off for the Etchells though. 5 yesterday and 2 today. Today the wind died though and we had to abandon what would have been our 8th race.

So! Polish time! I wore this for a few days last week, I think Wednesday and Thursday. It is China Glaze Street Racing and I really liked it!!

Wow.. That is LONG for my nails. I don't really like them that long. I did at first but I just shortened them Friday night and I think I prefer them at the length they are at now, which I will show you in my next post.

So that was my weekend!! I hope you all enjoyed yours!



Linnie said...

Tier, I like your nails this way :D
But now i'm very curious to see the new length pics, hihi

Caitlin said...

Marley is a girl?! Ahh I'm so sorry if I ever referred to her as a he on commens in your previous posts, I for some reason thought she was a boy o.o sorry! But I'm sorry about your crappy weekend :/

I love this shade on you though, reminds me of fall!

Rebecca said...

Wow your nails did get long! I hope you've managed to recover, I'd hate to get trapped somewhere like that :(

susies1955 said...

That is one hot mani kiddo. :)
Loving it,

R3Beauty said...

What a crazy weekend! Funny when I saw your pics, I thought - wow her nails are getting long and then you posted that you cut them! HA!

Stephanie said...

My nails are getting long too and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I didn't get Street Racing when it came out. I wasn't a huge fan of Retro Diva as a collection. This looks like a nice color though.

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