Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Made My Day

Hey everyone! This is sort of random, but I felt the need to post it. I saw this video of some of the Robin Hood cast singing Sean Kingston's song Beautiful Girls and it was just so silly. I love it. And for those that don't know, Alan Doyle is the one in the middle with the long hair and he is from my favorite band, Great Big Sea. The only reason I am going to go see Robin Hood is because he is in it. Haha. Anyway, here is the video.




Delaynee said...

Haha, it is awesome that you posted about this! My dad was just telling me about how they wanted cast members that actually could play instruments, so they used some of the members of GBS.. Or at least Alan Doyle (the fellow you had mentioned..) - isn't his character name similar to his own? Anyways, I just had to comment on this as I was just involved in this conversation about 20 mins ago..

Tierney said...

Alan Doyle is the lead singer of GBS, and yeah his character's name is Allan A'Dayle. Very close. Haha. I'm so excited, I just love Alan Doyle, and I freaked out when I found out he was going to be in this movie. I've been watching a bunch of interviews.. OOH and I'm going to my 4th Great Big Sea concert this summer. I kind of sound a wee bit obsessed.. But GBS is my favorite band, and their music can always cheer me up. I've been listening to them A LOT lately.

Tierney said...

I'm going to be honest, I've watched this video maybe 10 times because I've had a bad day and it makes me smile.

Kathy said...

Tier you were right this did make me laugh. I had to contain it though cuz my house is asleep. :) Tomorrow will be a better day!
"Let it go, Let it go, this is smaller than you know No bigger than a pebble lying on a gravel road let it go let it go got to leave it all behind you give the sun the chance to find you let it go" <3 i've listened to this like a million times this week. THANK YOU for showing me GBS!

Tierney said...

Told ya :P

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