Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Purple Rain

Hi everybody! Today I've got on Sonia Kashuk Purple Rain. I bought this yesterday at Target. I just had to have it because of the name. A couple years ago, my auntie Fran decided we all needed summer nicknames. She gave herself the nickname Hollywood, so I actually usually call her auntie Hollywood instead of Fran. Anyways, the nickname she gave me was Purple Rain, I think because of my purple glasses.. it wasn't my purple hair because I did that later. I don't know. But when I saw that nail polish I decided I needed it. My auntie moved to Spokane and I don't get to see her often.

I haven't done any cleanup yet, I've been distracted trying to find out what is going on today. My mom won't answer me but she wanted me to meet them for breakfast and then she was saying oh nevermind you go by yourself with your sisters. I don't know what is going on.

Okay, this pictures are horrible. Horrible! I'm so sorry. I'm embarrassed to post them.
I did a terrible job painting them today. So I'm actually only going to post one picture.

This makes me cringe. Oh, the picture makes this polish look more blue than it really is I think.

I've decided I'm going to go shopping with Kathy today! And maybe go down to the boardwalk because it is gorgeous outside.

Have a good day everybody!



Linnie said...

Pretty purple :D
Have fun shopping!!

Caitlin said...

This is a pretty color, I love purple cremes. It reminds me a lot of China Glaze grape pop :)

Cah_nossovicio said...

Loved the color and the name of it :)

Marie said...

Purple rain sounds cool and that's a lovely shade!:D

Enjoy shopping,:D!

Just followed your blog, follow mine too?:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Stephanie said...

That looks like a pretty polish. I've seen this brand at my Target before but I've never taken the plunge.

Brooke said...

This looks so pretty - nothing horrible at all!!!

Lily nail said...

nice color !!!

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