Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jesse's Girl North Star and Confetti

Hey everybody! I'm in a good mood today even though I've got my usual headache. It's sunny out right now and Bones is on tonight (the 100th episode!) and Kathy comes home tomorrow!! I'm on day 5 of listening to my Eoin Harrington cd, which I just love. So yeah. I'm just feeling good today.

I've got pictures of my new Jesse's Girl polishes for you guys today! I kind of did them in a hurry because my head started hurting and I kind of want to go find some food. Haha. So they're a little messy, sorry. Oh, and my nails are uneven, the middle one broke ]: so it is shorter than the others. Sad.

First up is North Star!

I loved this. Well, I love silver. It's just so pretty! This is 3 coats, no top coat.

Next is Confetti.

I knew when I got this it would be one to layer with. I love the colors and I don't have anything like it yet. There are a couple strays though, haha. I didn't even notice them until I uploaded my pictures. Oops!

Like I said yesterday, I found these at Rite Aid for $2.99, but it was buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Hope you all have a good day!



Stephanie said...

It looks nice and sunny there :)

WizardsOfBling said...

Sunny but Really windy down here!
That is a really nice silver for that price. It would make a good ruffian mani! Like the string glitter too.

Tierney said...

Its a bit windy here right now. There was more wind earlier though.

I still haven't tried doing a ruffian mani yet.

Lily nail said...

nice color !!!
i have a giveaway on my blog !! come on see if you want :)

Tierney said...

Thanks Lily
And I've entered your amazing giveaway!

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