Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sylvia from Wizards Of Bling tagged me. Thank you!

First is the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag.

I have actually already done this one, click here if you want to read it.

Mkay for this next tag I'm supposed to give 7 facts about me.

1) Until about two years ago, I hated my name. I found the book my dad picked it from, a book of Irish names, and it said that Tierney was a boys name that meant son of the lordly. I told a couple people about it and then of course I kind of got made fun of a lot. I laughed along but it really bugged me. Anyways, now I love my name. I think it is awesome that so far I have never met another Tierney.

2) I refuse to eat any kind of seafood.

3) I was very proud of myself last week for eating a salad at lunch with out my Uncle Bart making me. He probably won't believe me if I tell him. My grandma is my witness though!

4) I'm extremely quiet. When I go places I really just like to sit and listen to everything that is going on. It's how I know so much more yacht club gossip than my mom. People don't really notice that I'm there so I hear a lot.

5) I love hanging out at the yacht club. There aren't many people my age there, which I love. The yacht club is just like high school though, I swear. Except instead of teenagers its drunk sailors. The amount of drama there is ridiculous! I find it entertaining though because I'm not a part of it. I go to the yacht club a lot. Race committee is actually starting in April! So I will be there on Wednesday nights after the racing is over. I can't wait.

6) I call my best friend Kathy my twin buddy. I think that started 2 years ago before I left my old high school because we dressed up for twin day during spirit week or something. Pretty much, Kathy and I are both very lucky because we don't eat healthy or really exercise and we basically stay the same. It's awesome and I think it is another reason we started saying we were twins. She is an amazing friend, just so everybody knows. My adopted family have gotten used to seeing her at yacht club things with me now haha. My favorite aunties and uncles now call us Thing 1 and Thing 2. We actually dressed up as them for halloween!

7) I am going to a Tom Petty concert with my dad and one or two of my friends in June!!! My dad just called and told me last week, it is my birthday present I think. I grew up listening to Tom Petty at my dad's house and dancing in front of the tv when my dad would put on this VHS tape of Tom Petty music videos. So yeah, I can't wait.

Sorry, I kind of wrote a lot.. Well, actually, I'm not really sorry, it is my blog and I'm okay with the fact that I ramble a lot.

Lets see. I need to tag some people too! This part is always hard for me, I think I tend to tag some of the same people sometimes. Oops. Oh and Sorry if you guys were tagged before. Anyways, check out these blogs, they're all great :D

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WOW. That was a lot. My laptop is about to die so I should really stop typing now. Thank you again Sylvia for the tags!



Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tag, Tierney! I love your name, too! I think it's so unique. I hate my name. Always have and I think I always will. Also, ZOMG I can't believe you're going to T. Petty. I'm so jealous. My boyfriend and I looked into going in Chicago but it's like $75 for even shitty seats. Ugh, I hate being a poor person :( I will live vicariously through you!

Tierney said...

Thanks Steff [:
I was shocked when my dad told me. I honestly have no idea how he can afford it. It was a big birthday though and the last couple of years he hasn't gotten my sisters and I anything. Who knows. All I know is I'm very lucky and my dad is awesome.

Sandie KlawzZ said...

=o NO FAIR. I want to go to a Tom Petty concert =( lol.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I used to be like that with #2....then things changed?!

WizardsOfBling said...

Me three for Tom Petty! I dont think we live to far from you. We are just up I5 in Marysville.

Tierney said...

Wow, really?? Crazy! I actually used to stop in Marysville with my grandma and sisters to have dinner every other Sunday night when my grandma would bring us back from our dad's house in Tacoma to my mom's in Bellingham.

Kathy said...

Your a great friend too!!! I dont think i told you but you are in my phone as Twin buddy thing 1 cuz i couldn't decide which one to have :) June is an amazing month.

WizardsOfBling said...

That is so cool! Where did you eat at?

Tierney said...

Usually just a fast food place. I think we went to Taco Time a lot. Haha.

WizardsOfBling said...

OMG- Tom Petty! So jealous!


Amberski said...

thanks for the tag!!! I will get to it soon, I promise... lucky girl, going to see Tom Petty!! His music reminds me of my dad.

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